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Who should use this service?
Those Job Seekers wanting to take an intelligent approach to searching for his or her next job. To get a job, you must get your resume into the hands of the Recruiters with open positions to fill.

What kind of results can I expect?
It depends on the level of service you choose. For free you can simply post your resume and wait for a Recruiter to find it. If you sign up for one of our resume distribution services, your resume can be delivered to thousands of matching Recruiters and, within 3 business days, you could possibly receive hundreds responses. You may also find that you continue receiving responses to your resume distribution for as long as 3 months.

Results also depend on your work history, education, salary requirements, geographic location and your job industry. Recruiters will respond immediately to those resumes that match an open position they are seeking to fill. Resumes that are good but don't match current openings are placed in a candidate database for future job openings. Note that Recruiters can have as many as 10 opened positions at a time. If your resume is sent to 1,000 Recruiters, you may be considered for up to 10,000 jobs.

What can I expect from the Recruiters?
The Recruiter is compensated only upon successfully filling their open positions, therefore, it is in their best interest to actively and to often view the resumes in our database of qualified candidates.

Do I pay a recruiter fee?
NO. The companies who are seeking to fill open positions pay Recruiters. We have a strict policy stating that our Recruiters will only contact you with regards to a job position. They may not solicit you. We eliminate any "Recruiters" that do not follow our "Terms of Use" policy. We immediately delete them from our database once they are identified.

Can I keep my identity confidential?
Yes. If a Confidential Email is provided in the "Contact Information" section of your profile, the Recruiters only receive your Confidential Email address, Cover Letter and Resume. We will suppress all other information in the Contact Information section to help hide your identity. You must make certain that any other contact information is removed from your cover letter and resume. If you are concerned about a specific employer, you may email us with the name and address of the employer. We will gladly check our database and determine if they are part of our network.

Who will receive my resume?
Only those Recruiters and search firms that are registered at our site and verified to be legitimate. Currently we have over 10,000 contingency and retainer recruiters from firms of all sizes, serving all industries.

How is TheRecruiterNetwork different from other employment sites?
Most employment sites provide a free database to post your resume, but with over 10,000 resumes posted each day it's easy to get lost in the "haystack" of resumes. Unlike other sites, we also offer our resume database free to verified Recruiters. This greatly increases the number of Recruiters viewing our Job Seeker profiles. In addition, we can make your job search one step easier by sending your resume directly to those Recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise and who have vacant positions to fill.

Can TheRecruiterNetwork guarantee success?
No, but we will increase your exposure to the many Recruiters looking for qualified candidates in your industry. We do guarantee that hundreds, if not thousands, depending on your industry, of Recruiters will view your resume and cover letter.

Can my resume and cover letter be sent to recruiters more than once?
Yes. If you select our Premium Resume distribution service you may, at no additional charge, send your profile out again after 90 days. Remember that Recruiters are continuously filling and receiving new job listings. If you are not placed in a job after your first resume mailing, you may want to distribute your resume a second time.

How many Recruiters will receive my resume?
It depends on the level of service you purchase. Entry level distribution service places your resume in the hands of 300 Recruiters. Standard level distribution service will put your resume into the hands of 500 Recruiters while the Premium level distribution service sends your resume to all matching Recruiters.

Do recruiters/employers contact me directly or through you?
The Recruiters will contact you directly from the information you provide in the "Contact Information" section of your profile.

When will my resume be distributed?
Resumes are usually distributed within 1 business day after completion of the payment/approval process. You will receive an Email confirmation once your resume and profile has been successfully sent.

Can I get a list of the Recruiters who received my Resume?
Yes, but you must purchase the list prior to the distribution since we do not retain the list. You will not be able to obtain the list after the resume has been distributed. The list will include the name and location of approximately 75-100% of the Recruiters. We are usually unable to provide 100% of the list due to the desire of some Recruiters to remain confidential.

Do I need to submit a cover letter with my resume?
No, cover letters are optional, however, they are a beneficial tool for elaborating on your skills, experience and objectives. We recommend them.